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New State-of-the-Art CO2 Laser Surgery System and Canine Anesthetic

   Laser Surgery System

Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital recently acquired an Accuvet CO2 laser system. Our vets underwent extensive CO2 laser training prior to instituting its use at the hospital.

For general soft tissue surgery, CO2 lasers produce the following benefits:

Less Pain—CO2 laser energy automatically seals nerve endings as it moves through tissue. As a result, the patient feels less pain post-operatively.

Less Bleeding—Laser energy automatically seals small blood vessels as it cuts. When defocused, the laser becomes an effective coagulation device. Not only does the hemostatic cutting benefit the patient, it provides a clear, dry surgical field for the surgeon. Without bleeders continually obstructing the field, the overall procedure time may be decreased, and the visualization of the anatomy is unsurpassed.

Less Swelling—CO2 laser energy automatically seals lymphatic vessels. Additionally, because only a beam of invisible light contacts the tissue, there is no bruising or tearing of tissue. This reduced tissue trauma minimizes inflammatory responses, reducing swelling.

Quicker Recovery—Decreased bleeding, swelling, and pain means the patient can return to normal activity and the home environment faster. This provides benefits for the patient, client and veterinarian.

Ablation—The unique ability of a CO2 laser to vaporize (ablate or "erase") tissue sets it apart from any other surgical tool, even other lasers. The CO2 laser can be used to precisely remove tissue layer by layer (with layers as thin as 0. 1 mm), or to aggressively vaporize entire tumors.

Please download The Advantages of Veterinary Laser Surgery for more information.

New Inhalation Anesthesia for Dogs

   SevoFlo Anesthesia

We also use a new anesthesia for dogs called SevoFlo (sevoflurane). Approved for canine veterinary medicine, the properties of this gas offer benefits over other anesthetics including:

Safety—The depth of anesthesia may be altered easily and rapidly. Sevoflurane is compatible with barbiturates, propofol and other commonly used intravenous anesthetics. Among inhalation anesthetics, sevoflurane has low arrythmogenic potential.

Speed—This gas induces a quick sleep, but allows for rapid recovery. A low solubility coefficient affords quick entry into the bloodstream, escape into the brain and rapid elimination from the lungs.

Ease of Use—This anesthetic has a non-pungent odor and can be used for mask inductions.