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Senior Pet Discount Days for all of our "Special Friends over 7 Years" will now become a rotating event for our clients each month, in order to accommodate busy schedules. 

Senior Discount Days will now fall on the first full week of each month, and alternate to the next consecutive weekday the following month (except for holidays)

A 10% discount will be awarded on each Senior Pet Discount Day for wellness services (Vaccines, Nails, Wellness Exams) to all Senior Pet Visits!*

*This offer cannot be combined with medications, diagnostics, or already discounted packages or accounts. (military/senior citizen) This offer excludes diagnostic BW/xrays/medication/food.

Senior Cat and Dog


  • November 2, Monday
  • December 1, Tuesday


  • January 4, Monday
  • February 2, Tuesday
  • March 3, Wednesday
  • April 8, Thursday
  • May 7, Friday
  • June 7, Monday
  • July 6, Tuesday
  • August 4, Wednesday
  • September 9, Thursday
  • October 8, Friday
  • November 1, Monday
  • December 7, Tuesday