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celebrating 50 yearsFifty years ago, Dr. Bruce Putchat and his wife Caryl embarked on a personal dream and family adventure when they opened Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital. Over the years, the hospital has grown and touched many individuals personally and professionally within the community. Our PVAH family wishes to honor and celebrate this lasting heartfelt vision that continues to live in us all today!

We want to thank our extended PVAH client family for your love and support through the years, as well as each and every fuzzy face that has stolen our hearts every day we come to “work”!

Help us celebrate this very special anniversary by participating in our year-long raffle events! Each quarter we will offer a unique service package and will finish up the last quarter with our annual “Howloween” celebration events.

Pet Dental Daschund DogTake advantage of our Spring Dental Special!

From February 1st—March 31st, 2020, Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital is offering 20% off Pet Dental Packages (including blood work) for your dog or cat. 

dog cat pumpkin This fall, we're kicking off the fall season with some fun events, including a fundraiser to benefit our Paws in Need fund.

Check out these spooktacular activities that you won't want to miss!

guinea pig pet buff white We are happy to announce that we now provide care for Pocket Pets and Small Mammals.

Our newest associate, Dr. Kimberly Kline, can see your small pet for preventive care, sick visits, nutritional advice, and general care.

For the protection of all our boarding kennel vacationers, we are going to start requiring the Influenza vaccine for all boarders at the Lucky Chance Pet Resort & Spa beginning on January 1, 2019.

The vaccine is a series of two (2-4 weeks apart) and then yearly.

Senior Pet Discount Days for all of our "Special Friends over 7 Years" will now become a rotating event for our clients each month, in order to accommodate busy schedules. 

A 10% discount will be awarded on each Senior Pet Discount Day for wellness services (Vaccines, Nails, Wellness Exams) to all Senior Pet Visits!*

Dr. Bruce Putchat puppy examIt is with great sadness that we say goodbye to the founder and spirit of our hospital. Our love, support and prayers are with the entire Putchat family as we say "so long" to Dr. Bruce Putchat who passed away in January. 

Dr. Putchat’s lifelong commitment and love of all animals could be seen and felt through his excitement, dedication and trailblazing impact on our veterinary community for almost 50 years. His work and legacy will continue to live within us all, and his influence and memory will forever be a part of his PVAH family. 

Canine Oral HealthPleasant Valley Animal Hospital now offers high-quality digital dental x-rays to assess your pet's teeth and oral hygiene.

Did you know that 60% of dental disease in pets is hidden below the gum line?

With our new digital dental equipment, our veterinarians will be able to assess the integrity of an entire tooth (not just what is above the gum line) and any roots that are involved or compromised.

Digital dental x-rays are vital in diagnosing underlying disease and prescribing proper treatment. We will also be able to store, print and email these digital files to share.

Day Admission Appointments AvailableWe know how busy day-to-day life can be for everyone, and we don't ever want our beloved pet's medical treatment to be delayed due to a scheduling conflict. So we are pleased to announce that you can leave your pet with us for the day during our Day Admission Appointments.

Simply check in your pet for its next appointment. Leave a telephone number so we can reach you, and go about your day! We will let you know when you can come back to pick up your pet. 

While your pet is with us, one of our experienced nursing team members will make note of your pet's visit with the veterinarian and make sure we have any and all concerns documented. We may contact you during the day if further diagnostics or recommendations are advised. We will supply an estimate upon request as best we can based on our initial discussion.

Dog and CatOur veterinarians have developed a pet care screening program for your pet's annual preventive care visits. As part of a long-term action plan, and to help offset any additional expense, we have included discounts on your pet's yearly fecal exam and canine heartworm test, as well as a urinalysis screen at no charge if collected at same visit.

This comprehensive screen offers our veterinarians baseline preventive healthcare information on your pet. This information on your pet's health history becomes more vital as your pet enters each life stage, but most especially its senior years.

Please call with any questions you may have and be sure to ask about at your pet's next scheduled wellness visit. This program is available to both existing and new patients.

Did you know routine grooming care can be just as important to your pet's health as preventive medicine?

Regular grooming through-out your pet's life not only keeps them fresh, clean and styled; but can also help both treat and prevent chronic skin conditions from developing further. Excessive sebum (oily skin), dry skin, hidden undercoat, or even parasites can all be culprits to skin irritants and allergy concerns. Chronic ear infections can be bettered controlled in part to routine cleaning/plucking and regular nail trims can help prevent broken nails and uncomfortable foot pressure.

Our groomer Kim can help you with routine trimming/bathing and hygiene care as well as intermittent "freshening up." Call 610-346-7854 to book your pet's grooming today!

Five simple steps to use cat-friendly carriers: This is a great video that offers insight into turning a stressful travel experience into a routine and calm journey for your cat.