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With the summer winding down and school starting back up again, your pet may be a little confused about the changes in your family's routine. Here are some tips to keep your furry friends from catching the Back-to-School Blues:

  • Bernese Mountain Dog with Fall LeavesSet and follow a daily routine that works with everyone's schedule year-round. Pets are creatures of habit, so you want to establish a routine that they can rely on despite changes in the weather.

  • Give your pet a special toy or treat before you leave to make your departure a happy one.

  • Hide some of your pet's favorite treats around the house for him/her to find while you're away.
  • Keep your pet active. Chances are the summer heat has kept you indoors, so your pet may need extra exercise outside before the cold weather sets in. Or keep your indoor pet active with a laser pointer and other toys. Exercise can help reduce boredom.

We hope that these tips help to make the transition into the fall season a bit easier. Call us at (610) 346-7854 if you have any questions.